MP3Tag isn't finding sources on Discogs

For some reason, when I enter a name of an album or artist on either the album or artist Discogs search, it says that there are no results that match my criteria. The release ID search works, though.

Have you tried the current Development Build?

I'm using it right now. No luck.

I'm using these files to find my source on Discogs: /t/1992/1

The ones that don't work are 'Search by Album', 'Search by Artist', and 'Search by Artist + Title' (and probably 'Search by Extended Release ID').

The problem only started a few days ago, I'm not sure why. The 'Search by Album' option is the most useful to me so if there's an alternative or if you know what's wrong, then I'll greatly appreciate your help.

I've updated my scripts.
Next time post in the thread where you've gotten the scripts, don't make a new topic.

I didn't know whether it was your scripts or the program itself until the moments leading up to the last post of mine, but thanks for the update.