Mp3Tag & JRiver Tagging Issue

I use MusicBrainz Picard to tag my files and I have standard fields and custom fields in Mp3Tag. All of those field in Mp3Tag are displaying properly and are able to port over to JRiver with custom actions, except Acoustid_ID. I have created the custom field Acoustid_ID in JRiver for it, just like I have for all of the other fields; and it still won't carry over to JRiver. I have tried a bunch of different things and this WILL NOT display in JRiver. Any ideas will be appreciated and please be detailed as I am slow...

I'm not sure about the uppercase letters, but I think it should be

Do you ask if Picard doesn't write this TXXX Tag correctly or how should Mp3tag help you with this issue?

I am using ACOUSTID_ID as the field in both Mp3Tag and JRiver. The action to port over is the same style as the other custom actions in Mp3Tag. I would assume that JRiver can handle the tag and have a question over there but it is frustrating me to no end. Especially because Mp3Tag has in fact tagged the file with the acousticID tag. I agree that it might be an issue in JRiver, we will see soon.

Please note that Mp3tag writes the special MusicBrainz fields based on the mapping table linked above (to increase compatibility with MusicBrainz Picard). So for ACOUSTID_ID you'll end up with a TXXX frame Acoustid Id in the ID3v2 tag.

Not sure if this is relevant to your interoperability issue, but I thought it's worth mentioning.

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Thank you Sir for what you have done with this software and everyone who has enjoyed using it. Your solution worked and I will keep it in mind for future use because in playing around, I noticed that depending on the file type; JRiver doesn't play as nice as Mp3Tag. By that I am saying that .wav and .mp3 didn't like Acoustid ID and .aif won't even show up in Mp3Tag for MusicBrainz_TrackID. Not sure what is going on there but the deeper I go and the help I get here and at JRiver has been a God send. Thank You! :smiley: