Mp3tag layout maybe changed

Hello there all of you...

Is there maybe an possibillity to change the LayOut somewhat,

Is it possible to make 6 rows for diff. marks.
OR place the COVER-art viewer to right somewhat,


with fine regards...

You can drag the tag-panel and the filter to different positions, even in a separate windows.
You can define rows in the list view and define additional entires in the tag-panel.

Thanks for Replies:

I ment; there are now standard one or two rows , and the cover part.

If one makes an lot of NEW TAG fields, (like me), then the second row grows until infinity...

I'll have 20 tag-parts now.

While the right next to the cover is still empty.

I'll try to upload an image to clarify...

the tag panel is mainly for those pieces of data that a number of tracks may have in common like albumartist, album, year

Are there really 20 properties that all the selected files have in common?
Anyway: I would say that the extended tags dialogue is better for such tasks.

You only can avoid this if you drag the tag-panel aside as a seperate window. Then all tag-fields execpt year, track and genre are placed vertical.
Personally I have no real problem with ths limitation because I dont have to fill so much fields manually and therefore have no need to have all fieds in the tag-panel.
Anyway it would be nice to have more liberties to place the fields.

This would very nice indeed...

For now EVERYBODY, THANKs for those replies...

Let the music be LOUD!!!

Turbo Joe