Mp3tag line height, font size

Left side of the window is Apple Music App in Mac OS.
Right side of the window is mp3tag.

Both are Music organizers and editors.
mp3tag uses almost half of line height of music app and font size is also small.

Unlike English, all Indian scripts, arabic, uses more than one line height to display the text.

So, please give double line space and increase the font size for eligibility, easy editing.

This should increase in the mp3tag "tag panel", "extended tags"

music app has this list size option.
We need similar feature in mp3tag

Really badly needed... :frowning:
On my current monitor, text is barely readable in File List.

@Florian could you, please at least consider this?

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I've worked on this over the past couple of days and prepared an internal beta version for testing (link sent via PM).

Can you please have a look at Preferences → File List → List Size and (it defaults to Medium, which is already larger than before).


Well, tired the Beta and medium size is already way better than previous default.
I would say, almost perfect because it seems to be more consistent with Tag panel font size than Large (or previous default).
Small seems to be kind of too small, but it may be so because of (pretty) high resolution monitor I am using.

But it is real nice to have some options now and preserve eyesight :slight_smile:

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How do I install Beta version? is there a testflight?

also, please enable this feature for side panel, extended panel, actions, these were are actually editing the tags and spending most time

It's a standalone version from the link I've sent you via personal message. After you've unzipped the archive, move the file "Mp3tag" to your /Applications folder. It can be used alongside the official version

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This is Good.

We need the same treatment for Tag Panel, Actions, Extended Tags, and all sub menus which accepts tags(text) from users

Filelist vs Extended menu

Filelist vs Tagpanel

Filelist vs Actions panel

All text inputs are in done in "Tag Panel", Sometimes in Extended Panel, and Actions Panel.

Please consider this.

Same treatment needs to happen in mp3tag windows version also.

These days, Windows laptop offers 1920x1080 in 13 and 15 inch screen. Which makes the text look very small.

Adjusting the size of the File List is now officially part of Mp3tag for Mac v1.4 via Preferences → File List → List Size.

I've also increased all the other dialogs to use the standard font sizes instead of the slightly smaller ones.

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Thank you @Florian, for me 1.4 fixed all of my resolution vs. font size issues on Mac, with external 3440x1440 monitor, I had. :slight_smile:

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