Mp3tag.m3u with accents


There is problem with files using accents when the mp3tag.m3u is generated, see below :

#EXTINF:198,Michel Jonasz - On était bien tous les deux
1 On e´tait bien tous les deux.flac
#EXTINF:201,Michel Jonasz - Baby c'est la crise
2 Baby c'est la crise.flac
#EXTINF:275,Michel Jonasz avec Zaho - Sombre est la nuit
3 Sombre est la nuit.flac
#EXTINF:286,Michel Jonasz - La Méouge, le Rhône, la Durance
4 La Me´ouge, le Rho^ne, la Durance.flac
#EXTINF:265,Michel Jonasz avec Greg Zlap - Traverser la mer à la nage
5 Traverser la mer a la nage.flac #EXTINF:208,Michel Jonasz - La photo effacée 6 La photo efface´e.flac #EXTINF:188,Michel Jonasz - Le bonheur frappe à la porte 7 Le bonheur frappe a la porte.flac
#EXTINF:224,Michel Jonasz - La maison de retraite
8 La maison de retraite.flac
#EXTINF:312,Michel Jonasz - Océan
9 Oce´an.flac
#EXTINF:222,Michel Jonasz - Nuits tropicales
10 Nuits tropicales.flac
#EXTINF:232,Michel Jonasz - La planète bleue
11 La plane`te bleue.flac

Does a parameter is missing ?
Thanks in advance.

From the Mp3tag help:

If you use '*.m3u8' as file extension, Mp3tag writes a UTF-8 encoded playlist (Unicode with support for special characters).

Or what exactly do you mean with "problem with files using accents"?
What would be the correct result?

As you saw below my message, the content of the .m3u file was not correct

The content for
Océan for example became Oce´an
and VLC was not able to read the files with specials characters.
As you can see the character for é became e´

As you told me i tried using .m3u8 to encode it.
The content of the .m3u8 file is OK, but i need to rename it in .m3u to be able to read it correctly.

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