Mp3Tag Mac and VW car

Hi everyone!

When I add/change album cover using Mp3Tag for Mac everything looks well.
But when I play this file (m4A format, Apple Lossless) in my car (VW Golf 2019, Head Unit Discovery Pro 2.5) album art isn't visible.

If any other tool will be used to change picture (Music Brainz, XLD etc) - everything works well, VW head unit can read album art in the same file

Will try to check with Win version of the software and will post an update soon.

Can you spot any difference in what is below the cover window in Mp3tag between the Mp3tag added cover and the, e.g., XLD added cover?

Do they have the same cover type (e.g., Front Cover), image format, size or are there any differences?

Exactly the same file I use in both cases