MP3TAG - MAC - duplicates in folder

I am looking to purchase on the Mac.

I have the trail just now.

Every time there is a duplicate I need to hit ok before MP3 TAG continues - on the PC it keeps going but gives you a list at the end of everything that can't be tagged due to duplicates in the folder.

Is this because I am in the trail on MAC? Is there anyway to click a button to ok to all so it goes through all without saying ok every time?



It's not because of the trial version, but how the Mac version is working at the moment. I've made a note on my internal wish list.

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Thanks so much Florian,

I am a dj and trying to flatten my folder, remove duplicates to skim down my dj collection.

I be happy for an ok to all box to tick or click, as I have lots of music that could be duplicated.

Thanks again.

Best sticking with a pc version?