MP3TAG - MAC edition: Error and won't launch

Hi Folks,

I am new to MP3TAG and try to launch the trial on a MAC computer. I have downloaded version 1.6.1 and unzipped it into the /Applications folder. However when launching I get an error message telling me to move the file to /Applications - where it already is??? I did not find any helpful article in the forum, can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

Thank you very much,

Hi Pat and welocme,

Mp3tag usually detects when started from a translocated directory and it seems that this is happening in your case.

Can you please check again if it's really your Applications folder you're starting from?

Hi Florian,

many thanks for your reply. I have a German installation and the folder appears to be called "Programme" in Finder. However, if I open the info pane in the context menu, it tells me under "Name & Suffix" that the folder is named "Applications".
I also tried to move the app to "/user/my username/Applications", which also exists on my machine - same effect.
I am working with MacOS "Mojave", if it helps.

Best Regards,

Hi Patrick,

I've tried to reproduce it by setting up a fresh Mojave test system this morning and running Mp3tag from the Downloads folder. It showed the expected message to please move it to the Applications folder. After doing so and starting from there, everything worked as expected.

Can you maybe try starting from scratch and remove Mp3tag (and its settings) via a software like AppCleaner 3.6.4 (free)? This will also delete the associated settings.

After that, please download v1.6.2, extract the app, and copy it to your Applications folder. Please let me know, if you get it running!

Hi Florian,

I will do so and report back.
Thank you very much!