Mp3tag Mac OS: User-defined field mappings

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I have been using Mp3tag for Windows for years, and I love it. One feature that I find essential is user-defined field mappings, which allow me to write equivalent tags across multiple file types using a single tag field (e.g. map "DATE" to "YEAR" for flac files, and use the tag entry field "YEAR").

Lately I'm trying to port over my tagging workflow to Mac, so I purchased mp3Tag for Mac this morning. However, I can't find this feature, which prevents me from using the application. Am I missing something, or Is this feature currently under development?

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Hi Scott,

many thanks for your feedback and for supporting my work! The mapping feature is not yet included in Mp3tag for Mac. However, there are some default mappings for VorbisComments in action, namely


Does this already solve the issue for you, or are you looking for different mappings?

Thanks for the quick reply Florian!

Please see the attached screenshot for the tag mappings that I want to apply. Is this possible?Screen Shot 2021-11-08 at 7.49.44 AM

It's not yet possible, but I see that it's useful. There is also another topic on that and I'll prioritize this feature for an upcoming release.

I'll keep you posted!

Thank you! I am excited for this development.

BTW, through much trial and error, I found that these are the mappings that will work across mp3, dsf, m4a and flac files in both Mp3tag and JRiver Media Center 28.



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I've just released Mp3tag for Mac v1.3.1 with support for user-defined field mappings via
Preferences → Tag Types → Use field mappings

This is great! Thank you Florian for quickly turning this around!

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