MP3TAG MAC Requests

Hi there. I recently purchased MP3TAG for Mac after being a long time Windows user I was always missing it on Mac, probably the one application I really missed.

I found The Tagger on mac which is similar but has been not actively developed it seems, when I saw you released for MAC I purchased right away and have been enjoying using it.

A couple things.

If I am in FINDER and Right Click on multiple files, and open with MP3TAG, can the files remain selected in the application? This would save me a step of having to re-select them.

I also notice it's laggy sometimes, compared to The Tagger whic is lightning fast.

Also when searching Discogs can there just be one box instead of selecting what field I wissh to search? In case it doesn't pull up one way I have to go change to another way instead of a global search. The Tagger does it this way.

On the convert menu - would it possible to save the last used conversion types? and have it listed in a submenu maybe with some short cuts? This way users could keep frequent used settings without having to redo them.

If any of these are already available and I missed them, please let me know where they are :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work!


Hi Scott,

thanks for your feedback and your support!

This is already on my list for a future version.

I haven't noticed this myself. Maybe you can provide more details regarding number and type of files, type of operation, ...? Something that makes it easier to pin point the issue.

This is currently not planned, but I made a note regarding your suggestion.

It's already done automatically: you can click on the small down arrow at the beginning of the field to have a menu with a history of format strings you can choose from.