MP3Tag MAC - Tag Panel: Missing Field

I created two custom files in MP3Tag for Mac:


These files have the exact same settings, just different names.

I want BOTH of these files to display in my Tag Panel.

I was able to easily add ROONALBUMTAG to my Tag Panel.

I have been unable to add ROONTRACKTAG to my Tag Panel. When I go to Settings > Tag Panel, the "ROONTRACKTAG" field is not listed in the Field drop-down. As a result, I can't use Tag Panel to write information to the ROONTRACKTAG field.

I need this feature so that I can tag a few thousand files in bulk.

Here are screenshots showing how I have things configured and documenting that ROONTRACKTAG is not listed in the Field drop-down in my Tag Panel settings window.


Thank you for your attention and assistance!


AFAIK if a field name is missing from the dropdown list, you simply type it in.

Thank you. That did the trick. Embarrassing that I didn't figure this out on my own, but happy to have an easy solution.

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