Mp3tag Mac vs Windows

I'm noting some differences between the capabilities of the Mp3tag Mac and Windows version, for example Libaries is a Windows only feature. Is there a document somewhere that describes to features are not available on Mac?

The intention of Mp3tag for Mac is not to be a 1-to-1 copy of Mp3tag for Windows and I'm not sure, if a document that describes all differences would be worth the effort to maintain.

It's best you look for the features you need and if it's not available either stick to the Windows version or, in case you are on a Mac, upvote an existing feature suggestion or make a new one in the #mac category.

Just in case someone lands on this thread, here are the two sets of online documentation for Mac and Windows.

Mp3tag for Mac

Mp3tag for Windows

Hi. I'm a big fan of MP3Tag. I've been using the Windows version with Steve's Beatport WSS for years. MP3Tag and the Beatport WSS are quite simply a fantastic combination.

I recently moved to Mac and tbh I'm (surprisingly) disappointed with MP3Tag for Mac. I paid a fair sum for what is in my mind an interior product compared to the Windows version. Please understand I am sharing my thoughts as a (paying) customer, and I understand that these are my thoughts and not necessarily shared by others.

Besides the fact that I knew in advance the Mac version does not currently support WSS, for reasons beyond my understanding, especially considering that the Mac version is paid and also it is not cheap.

Then a few other things that are (almost) making me regret the purchase:

  1. Cannot search Discogs on artist and title. Album is needed. My workflow depends almost solely on artist and album. I assume I am in the minority.
  2. Cannot extend the comments field to multi-line, nor create a new field as multi-line.
  3. No WSS. I really hope this can be added to the Mac version. It would be my number one Wishlist item - and to have the Beatport WSS from Steve.

All the above said. I have lots of respect the MP3Tag team and this has not changed. If I didn't love using this product I would not bother to share my thoughts. I remain hopeful that the Mac version can be updated to include some of these requests, which in my mind remain shortfalls given the near perfect Windows experience I had with MP3Tag while on Windows.

All of your suggestions are on my internal wish list and have already been posted elsewhere (the WSS requests also by you). I'm not making any promises on the realization of those features and especially no ETAs.

So it seems that the Mac version is not a good fit for you. It's unfortunate that you've not used the 7-day trial to explore its possibilities — but given that you're disappointed with Mp3tag for Mac, I can only offer a refund.

If you bought via the Mac App Store, you'd need to request a refund through Apple Support and if you bought a direct license, you can contact me via email and I'll take care of that.

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Thanks Florian. I don't want a refund. Happy to support you. I'll remain distantly hopeful of a future update or 3 for the Mac version.

Edit: I purchased through the Mac Store.