Mp3tag Make "nfo" files

Hello Florian:
I read your comments in /t/968/1 about the Features which are not planned.
I understand it. :slight_smile:
But, I was thinking that Mp3tag is an excellent way to create the famous "nfo files", very common in the "Newsgroups".
In the Newsgroup where I is, all work with mp3tag.
But, we cannot create the "nfo" files, why mp3tag don't have Encoder Detection.
Is very hard to incorporate to mp3tag this feature ?
I'm sure, that with this feature, mp3tag win many users more.
Thanks by reading my idea, and maybe can think about her.
Sorry for my english.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Accurately detecting an MP3 encoder is very hard. Not even programs which are specialized for this task (EncSpot, MrQuestionMan, etc.) are accurate.

Not only it would take a considerable time to implement near-accurate detection capabilities, but MP3Tag would also spend much more time reading and parsing the MP3 frames

The only thing which might be easy to do would be detecting the LAME version which is stored in the LAME header. It could then display something like "Encoder: LAME 1.23" or "Encoder: GOGO 1.23" and "Encoder: Non-LAME / Non-GOGO".

Thanks for answer my idea.

There's already a program that does this. It's called NFO Sighting.

Google it.