Mp3tag memory error


i am getting a memory address error here lately when i am loading my mp3 from local disk, i have provided a screenshot. using 3.11 Thanks just thought you may like to know.

Have you switched on the library function?
Does this happen reproduceably?

didn't know there was a library function, what does that does? and here's my screen shot

sorry about that trying to add screen shot

ok i think i added it

The message itselt does not help that much.
It would be much more interesting to know what led to the message.
E.g.: how many files did you try to load?
Does it happen always with the same files?
Did you switch on File>Options>library?

ok i found where to enable the library and will use that. i am loading 17130 files. i'll let you know if it happens again. i'm slowly learning more so i don't have to be a bother. thanks.

I just loaded my current temp work directory with 44546 *.mp3 and 412.5GB.

The amount of files itself doesn't say much about the memory consumption.
It depends on how large your embedded covers are and how much tags you have stored in your files.

The enabled library in Mp3tag should help at least with the cover art pictures.

I assume that there is something wrong with the files. But let's see - if it works - fine.
If it doesn't one would have to check the files for integrity.