MP3Tag Mood/Mood2 Tags

I'm having some issues with the Mood and Mood2 tags.

When I add a Mood tag in an .mp3 file in Windows explorer, it doesn't show up in MP3Tag, and when I add a Mood Tag in MP3Tag it doesn't show up in explorer...

It's driving me mad! And, honestly, I'm not even sure where Mood2 came from - it may be something I set up a while back and have forgotten about.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

see this thread:

Thanks for the info - does that mean I have to add text to the Comments tag in MP3Tag, prefixed with "MUSICMATCH_"?

No, the field itself has to be called
The text in the field stays the same.

I see. And that tag will then live in the .mp3 file itself?

That is what MP3tag does: handle data in the file's tag.

I'm not getting this...

Do I need to create a custom tag in MP3Tag called %COMMENT MUSICMATCH_MOOD%
BEcause I've tried that and it doesn't show up in the .mp3 file Mood tag?

I also found this thread:

and this one

(which says that WE saves MOOD in a way that is not supported by MP3tag)
and the general problem could be that MOOD is a 2.4 field but WE does not support V2.4 so MS emulates the MOOD field in an imcompatible way.