MP3Tag no longer recognizes files that I rename


I'm a new mobile DJ and I'm organizing my music. I need your help badly. MP3Tag is a very good program that helped me in the past, but something happened.

I used Mixed In Key and it gave my song "titles" this format here 120.00 - 1A - DROP THE BEAT, (where "120.00" is the BPM, "1A" is the key, and "Drop the Beat" is the name of the song.). Interesting enough, my file names are the same as the song titles.

Then I started using Virtual DJ, and saw that I no longer need to have the BPM and Key in front of the song name. So I got "Bulk Rename Utility (BRU)" to delete the BPM and Key in the file name, but for some reason BRU doesn't change the song title.

So now when I look in Windows file explorer The file name will be "Drop the Beat", but the song title will be :120 - 1A - Drop The Beat.

The problem I have with MP3Tag is that when I pull in some songs, it still shows the "file name" and "song title" in this format "120 - 1A - Drop The Beat", even though I renamed the file in BRU to eliminate the BPM and Key data from the file name.

In the past I've used MP3Tag after renaming files with BRU and I was able to do a batch conversion so that the file name and song title became the same.

Something has happened. MP3Tag no longer recognizes files that I rename in BRU, so now, I can't do batch conversions or even single conversions in MP3Tag.

I need your help badly. I have a huge song database and yo do them individually is a lot of work that I would like to not have to do.

Thank you for taking the time.

aka DJ 2-TITE

see in Mp3tag File>Options>Tags
the list of file extensions that MP3tag expects.
Then check what the extensions of your files look like.

Thank you Ohrenkino.

All of my file extension are ".mp3"

So the files are stored on my hard drive as "120 - 1A - Drop The Beat.mp3".

Using Bulk Rename Utility, I have already renamed the files as "Drop The Beat.mp3". I can see this in windows file explorer. But when I import the file into MP3Tag, it's still shows the file name as "120 - 1A - Drop The Beat.mp3".

Can you tell me how to send an image and I can send you an image of what's in windows and what's in MP3Tag?

Thank you again for responding ot my issue.

see here for some instructions on how to get a screenshot (external link):

Then use the forum editor function with the up-arrow to upload the file.

For something to look for in the meantime: please note that the metadata field TITLE is usually not the same as the file property file name.
And: if the utility that you use converts the file name and then you load it into MP3tag then it show the same data. MP3tag does not remember data between sessions.

Thanks Ohrenkino.

I keep getting these unique problems with the software.

I was looking to do the tags on a folder that had 178 files.
MP3Tag showed that it recognized that the folder had 178 files and scanned through the 178 files, but it did not list all of the files.

Here is a screenshot of the files that showed up in the MP3Tag window.

What am I doing wrong?
Please help. Your software is dynamite and I have used it in the past and it worked great. But now, I'm having issues.

Thank you in advance.

If you see that MP3tag loads the number of files that you expect but you don't get them all displayed, then it is worthwhile to check if there is an accidentally active filter.
Press F3 to enable/disable the filter and see if the number of displayed files changes.
E.g. a space character as filter criterion is sometimes hard to see.