mp3tag not entering correct trackname/number from websource

After the websource script (i am using different ones for discogs - but mainly "discogs web service->direct artist) sends it's output back to mp3tag and the confirmation window opens which shows everything that was returned, I select the correct track name (say track 3 which is the correct vinyl mix) but after i submit (it says 1 has been updated) the track name is always the first one in the list and the track number is always 1. Am I doing something wrong selecting the correct track in the confirmation window? I am running on Vista - is there a problem with Vista textarea inputs not returning the selected item to mp3tag?


Highlighting has no effect. You must move the filename in the right window of the Tracks section to the same position as your desired title on the left.
Use the "Move up/down" buttons for this.

Oh that's how it works. My mistake then - maybe i missed this in the documentation (is it there?). If it isn't it probably should be, it's not that obvious how to use that confirmation box...