MP3TAG Not honoring default browser

I just installed 3.05 for Windows and after the install was finished a web browser Window opened up to think me for installing the latest version. However the browser that opened up was not my default browser. I have Firefox as my default browser and Microsoft Edge opened up. I hate any browser that isn't Firefox. I have been using Firefox since was Netscape. I wish I could uninstall MS Edge as I consider it bloatware. If I wanted to use Chrome I would install the real thing not some clone with unwanted and unneeded features,

Sorry for the rant.

Rev George

MP3tag can only be as good as your system setup.
So, apparently, you have not associated Firefox as default program with html files.

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There are a few stand-alone programs, that if you invoke a browser, will open the browser of their choice, not yours. It's rare, but I've had it happen.

Quicken did this for a while. It's a stand-alone program, and normally you never see a browser in Quicken. But I did something that opened a browser window, and it was Edge. Not sure if it still does this, as it's rare for Quicken to open a browser window, and I haven't had it happen lately.

Having said all this, I have no idea if Florian would do this. Seems unlikely.

PS: I just checked, and Mp3tag definitely opened my default browser when I clicked on "Go to Web Site".

That's not to say a programmer couldn't make an install program use a specific browser. Again, seems unlikely here.