mp3tag not recognizing file in ZEN 16Gb

I connect the ZEN to PC (WIN 7). It is recognized by windows, I see it in WMP and also in MP3TQG. However when I select a folder it says:" The folder name is invalid " see attachment.


Can the Explorer open the files and can the mentioned programs manipulate the files?
If the Explorer has access: copy the files to a local folder/drive and modify them there. File access will most likely be quicker anyway on the hard disc than via USB.
Also, I THink there are different USB modes.
So if you have a special program for the ZEN then check if you can set the USB mode to something like "MTP" or "MSC".
And while guessing: always a favourite selection: what about the access rights? Are you allowed to open the folders with the user definition that is used by MP3tag? To check this add the column "owner" in the Explorer. If it is some kind of strange letter-digit-combination, you may have to modify the access rights.

Thanks for reply

1- explorer and wmp can open the file but not to manipulate.
2-mp3tag cannot open as you see.
3-mp3tag recognises and manipulate files on the HDD.
4-I did not find an option for mtp in the usb properties.
5-rights are no problem because new files that i intend to load from hdd to zen I first update the tags and it works.

seems like the only way is to copy files from zen to hdd, work there, upload to zen? But I did not read anyone encountering the same problem. this is strange therefore I suspect something in my pc or zen configuration.


Thanks for checking. So it looks like a WIndows Access Problem.
If you can modify the access permissions for the music folder and add the user "everyone" with full permissions you should be able to modify the tags.

In general: working from the hdd has the advantage that you also have a backup of your music if the (mobile) player should get lost or stolen.