MP3Tag not releasing from memory.


I found while trying to reinstall MP3tag that I had 4 instances of it in memory. All ranging from 10k to 15k. I ended all of the processes and reopened MP3tag and closed it. Everyone stayed in memory for hours. Never ended. I then checked my desktop thinking it might be a problem with my laptop only but found the same problem. I'm using XP on both with version 2.4 of MP3tag. Is there a fix for this that I don't know about? If not this probably belonged in the bug report.


By the way I really like MP3tag and have been telling everyone about it. Thank you very much.


Do you have a on-screen magnifier or another accessibility-related application running while experiencing this issue?


No not on either computer.

I just checked again on my laptop, I shut down MP3tag 20 minutes ago and still have it running in memory using 29322k. Really strange.


To update you, I now believe it is some program on my computers that is causing some programs not to end the processes when they exit. I'm positive that it is not Mp3tag. Sorry if I've put you to any extra work but it took me a while to come to this conclusion. By the way, Mp3tag has really saved me a couple of times with tag problems. It's a great program and I'm referring everyone that has a tag editor need to try it and donate a bit if they like it. Thanks again.


Thanks for the follow-up! Glad that you found the cause of the problem. Can you tell me which program was causing the issue?