MP3TAG not updating ID-TAG as displayed by DBPoweramp


I have a feeling this is in options somewhere but I can't see it. Anyway, I updated an MP3 to have no Composer. When I upload it to my server the composer field still exists. I have just noticed that if I right mouse click in Windows and edit ID-Tag the composer field is still displayed as the old composer.

How do I make MP3TAG update everything and how can I get it to display whatever is being used by DBPowerAmp to displayed the composer field with the old value in it?

Many thanks

Here is a thread about a rather stubborn genre.

could you check for APE tags and the way you treat them in Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg?

Thanks that seems a rather promising line. I did have APE not being read or written and I am not sure if they were being removed

You can filter for files with APE tags with
%_tag% HAS APE

If I have the options for remove tag only on Ape and I removed tag from file will I lose all tag information or just the APE tag stuff?

To remove just the APE tags set
APE: read, delete on, write: off
all ID3: off

Load the APE files,
Select the APE files
Right-Click on the selected files and select "Remove tag"
The tag data in the file list should now be empty.

Go back to Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg
and set ID3: Read, write, delete on as you need it (I would set ID3V2 to read, write UTF16 and delete)
and set APE on only for Delete.
Return to the files list and press F5 to refresh the list - you should now see the ID3Vx tag data (again).

Oh I tried that but I see I missed turning off the All ID3 step. Whoops! Thanks again

Sorry, another question. Is this likely to be the case with only my MP3s or also APE and Flac files? And is it a problem for APE files since that presumably is the default format for it?

THis is for MP3s only - and only if there are APE tags and these do not get updated.
You could easily write them with MP3tag in addition to ID3Vx tags.

Flac files have Vorbis Comments - which is something else.

OK thanks for your help