`Mp3tag' on Explorer right-click menu


Hello. Just a small point, please. I notice that `Mp3tag' appears on the right-click menu of all types of item in Windows Explorer, even on the menu for the C drive. I would much prefer it if it appeared only on the menu of media files, and of folders containing media files.

By the way, I have made this a new topic because I didn't wish it to get mixed up with the different issue about right-click logic raised in another thread. Many thanks.


I can't check if a folder contains media files or not from a simply registry entry. If you don't like the conext menu entry for all your folders, please remove the Registry Key

via regedit.exe.

Best regards,
~ Florian


OK, many thanks. But please note that most media players have the ability to add right-click options to the menus of media files and folders only.


That's why I said "from a simply registry entry" :slight_smile:

I surely can code a Windows Explorer shell extension dll, but I think this will bring more hassle than use (e.g. you'll need to reboot your computer if you're uninstalling Mp3tag to unregister the dll and so on).

Some years ago (in the V.1.xx versions) Mp3tag already had a shell extension dll for this - but I switched to the registry solution, because it was too much trouble to support this for the different Windows versions.

Best regards,
~ Florian