MP3TAG on Mac OS X

Hi All,

Just letting you know that for those PC users who have converted to Mac or Mac users in general looking for a decent mp3tag editor you can run MP3TAG natively under Mac OSX using crossover !! No need to dual boot using Parallels, VM Ware or Boot Camp.

Note you need to install crossover first, then install mp3tag as you would on windows.

Mac OSX really sucks when it comes to choices for mp3 players and editors. I am glad i was able to remain using mp3tag on my switch to Mac.

cheers all


nice to know-> THX
i´ll give it a try some time soon.
(I use VM Fusion to be able to use Mp3Tag :wink:

OH MY F%$#ING GOSH....u are the most awesome person ever!!!! i have been searching for a year and somewhat for a program as great as mp3tag for osx and i never have found any that compared. i always had to bring my files into my desktop pc and use mp3tag then bring it back to my macbook which was a huge hassle. u dunno how much time ur gonna save me with this tip. i dj and use serato so i always get new mp3 songs and this program was the best program i have ever used to edit mp3 tags. i registered on this forum to just say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!!