Mp3tag opens browser on start periodically

Hi...using ver 2.90a - unchecked the "check for updates on startup", but browser still opens periodically. Can I disable it completely? Thanks

Might have figured it out - it happens only after I run older version of mp3tag, which I still have. Running an older version on Win7 also seems to create duplicates under Options/Tag Panel.

As I said in the other post: going back in time using the same configuration is not supported :slight_smile:

What happens in the background is:

  1. You open an older version and the version number is stored in the configuration file.
  2. Then you open a newer version, Mp3tag detects the version change, shows the latest changes in your browser and makes all the necessary adjustments to the configuration (including storing the newer version number).
  3. You open the newer version again. No browser window opens, because no newer version was detected.

You can repeat the cycle and some configuration adjustments are not backward compatible (as you've noticed with the duplicate entries on the Tag Panel).

If you really need to run multiple versions of Mp3tag, I suggest using multiple portable installations, each in their own directory. And if you leave the update check disabled, you won't see any updates.

Thanks again...while I'm sorting all my glitches - I have one more :slight_smile: Under Options/Tags there's a selection "Save Tags using arrow keys/Single mouse clicks". I assume this is L/R arrow keys - this does not work in my case. Mouse click does.

It's Arrow Up and Arrow Down — the idea is, that the tags are saved when you navigate from one file to another.

Is there a pictorial FAQ of this? I must be missing something. Win7 & ver 290a - Up/Dn keys on keyboard do not act that way.

It's relevant when editing directly in the file list. Once you press Return after editing within a cell either the next file is automatically selected or not (depending on "Options > General > Automatically select next file when editing in file view").

If you've configured Mp3tag to stay on the same file, using the arrow keys will trigger saving the file if auto-save is enabled.