MP3tag plugins? + Title Case option



I am very impressed with the program, however, I have just one thing missing:
I would like to have the ability to automatically change the case of the song and artist into the english formal "Title Case".

For example:
Instead of "The House On The Hill"
I would like to have: "The House on the Hill"
(note the 2nd "the" and the "on" are lowercase).

This can be done with mp3tag but it would also replace the first "The" in the sentence.

  1. Can this be done in some other way that I didn't find?
  2. Is this planned in the future?
  3. Why not expose some sort of an easy-to-use interface (DLL) that would allow developers to produce some plugins into the program?
    Such interface may expose methods that would allow:
  • Deciding on tag fields (usefull also for some other queries, not only cddb, also would solve my problem)
  • Playing files
  • Files managment (delete/update/move/copy etc)
  • Playlist management

etc etc..

What do you think?



You could create an action which replaces "on", "the", "in", "at", "feat.", "vs."... with the lower case versions if these words are not at the beginning of the field. Use regular expressions for that.

frage zu benennung von titeln

Another way would be simple replacement of " on", " the", " in" and so on, where the additional leading blank makes sure, that the word is not at the beginning of the field.

Best regards,
~ Florian