there is a prog called MP3TAG PRO v6.0 out there (Maniac Tools) that claims
to be an extended and new version of MP3TAG.

checked it out shortly, and see no similarities whatsoever. are the two related,
and is this really the commercial (shareware) version of MP3TAG?

or are they just trying to cheaply cash in on the fame of MP3TAG?

greetings - heinz -

The two programs are not related and I have nothing to do with this other program which, unfortunately, has the same name.

Kind regards,

florian, thats what i thought. they are basing their sales on your success - totally unfair! is there
no way you can fight this? yours has been on the market MUCH longer, no? and they also refer
in their description to them being the updated successor of MP3TAG!!!

outright fraud.

greetings - heinz -