MP3tag refuses to change (

I recently purchased an album off bandcamp with tags that absolutely refuse to change. They remain changed when I close and reopen it with MP3tag, but when I try scrobbling the album with, the tags are exactly the same. This isn't the first time I've encountered this (not necessarily through bandcamp), but the few times it's happened, I've either just reset my computer after changing it (which has resolved it in the past) or just gave up. The album I downloaded comes embedded with an awkward, unwieldy title, and it refuses to change with I removed the album art, the comment that links to the bandcamp page, the "album artist", and even the extended tags, and it just refuses to budge. I thought this might be just related to the fact I was trying it in FLAC, but the same issue occurs with MP3. I've gone to the point of emailing the artist themselves in hopes they can explain why this is happening (and suggest a better title.)

Can someone help me out with this and find out what's preventing me from changing the tags so it can scrobble properly?

Check ...
... whether the files have got APE tags
... the settings of MP3tag for reading, writing and deleting of the various tag versions.

You find these settings in Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg. They should be: read and delete all type, write (V1 and/or) V2.
See if this changes the behaviour.

Well, the set of FLAC files I was trying to change did actually do so. It just kind of happened randomly after I came back to check later.

I will check the other tags you mentioned though.

AFAIK flac files have vorbis comment tags and no V2 or APE tags ... so it sounds plausible to me.

I'm not entirely sure what you want me to remove and enable. This is what it looks like for me (an unedited FLAC file from the album):

These settings are global settings and apply to all files, not only flac.
When reading flac files, the VORBIS comments are translated to corresponding fields in MP3tag and when writing, back again.
But as the structure of the metadata is different, it cannot be compared to mp3 files where you see the problems.
Yet, the settings now look ok to me. Try to read and write mp3 files and see if it changes the metadata the way you want it.