MP3Tag refusing to 'see' a FLAC file in a folder

This is the first time in years of using MP3Tag that I have run into this issue. Today, the program will not 'see' a legitimate FLAC file for editing purposes. Two days ago I did a LOT of work on files, with no issues at all. Today I purchased a single track from Presto Music (I have purchased multiple downloads from them, and MP3Tag has no problems with them. The computer (Win10) sees the track in the folder, and will play it. My Android player will see and play the item. I need to edit the metadata, because of some errors in the information, and the lack of cover art. But when I point MP3Tag to the folder, is says the folder is empty and displays no data at all.

Any ideas?
TIA, Mark

Hi Mark,

have you confirmed your selection from the choose folder dialog? It actually doesn't display files but folders and once you've selected one folder, its contents should be listed in Mp3tag.

If the folder is loaded in Mp3tag, but the file is still missing from being listed, chances are that you've enabled a filter that hides this file. You can try by pressing F3 which shows/hides the filter in Mp3tag.

AHA! I still had a filter left from all the work I did a couple of days ago, and that was the problem. I took out that filter, and the file now shows in the folder.
Thanks for the tip... I learned something new tonight!
best regards,

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Thanks for the reminder, that fixed the issue!

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