MP3TAG removes edition made in Audacity


First of all, I want to thank for the software, it does come handy a lot.

I would like to ask for your help and expertise.

I'm having a problem, that is a odd one and not systematic but, like the title say, whenever I edit a song on Audacity and afterward I change some tag using MP3TAG, the file is reverted to the original state (without the edition).

The method usually used is:

  • Open file on MP3TAG [and edit the needed tags]
  • Drag the files to Audacity
  • Edit on Audacity

And if for any reason I've to edit the tags after that last step, it reverts the file like it was downloaded again.

I know this is a odd thing because I've done some search in google and found nothing relating to it.

This happens to .mp3 files, most of the time that have been downloaded from itunes.

Is something I can do?! Other than stop using any of the software eheh.

Thanks for the attention.

Best regards
José Costa

Could you check if you have APE tags in your files?
And you could you check the settings for reading, writing, deleting for the different tag versions? (See Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg for that).
Also, you would have to force iTunes to re-read the data as iTunes has a database in the background and likes to show the data from the database instead of that in the files.