mp3tag replaces Track Title with Album Title

I've been trying to use mp3tag to edit some albums which I've ripped to a NAS and which I now play via a Bluesound Powernode2 (and other Bluesound players).

This particular problem frustrates me. When opening the album in the mp3tag tool everything seemed to be OK other than the "Album Artist" was missing. So I added this, saved the file, refreshed the Bluesound index only to find that now Bluesound shows me that all track titles are shown as the album title (in UPPER CASE). The tracks still play perfectly and in the order they should.

I've attached a screenshot of both how the open album appears in mp3tag (seemingly OK) with the Bluesound GUI showing how all tracks show the same title - that of the Album. I couldn't get all the tracks on the screenshot, but all appear as described.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.



Sorry, this does not sound plausible to me: everything is fine in MP3tag but your player makes a mess of it and now the cause should be with MP3tag although it is probably not even running?

What you could do: check the tag field mapping in


Thanks for the comments/advice.

I didn't mean to imply that the problem was with mp3tag. Perhaps I could have been clearer. When I first opened the album in mp3tag all the fields seemed to be "fine" i.e. complete with the exception of the "Album Artist" which was incomplete (actually empty on all tracks). I manually added the Album Artist, saved the changes (I also added the album artwork) and thought that I had done everything. But when I then played the album the display showed as per the Capture I previously uploaded.

Whether that is the player or mp3tag I don't know. I'm not technically savvy, which is why I am on here asking for help advice. Perhaps it is the player and if so I will go to the Bluesound help forums next. I was simply looking for expert opinion.

I did go to Tools>Options>Tags>Mapping but I do not really know what that was telling me. I'm attaching a screenshot so if this reveals anything please do let me know.



Actually, I have not got a clue.
You would have to see what your player can do.
So if adding ALBUMARTIST and picture causes problems: what happens, if you remove this data again? Is the display then back to "normal"?

No, removing the data has no effect.

Thanks for your help. I'll reach out to the people at Bluesound.