Mp3tag "rewrites" entire file when retagging?

Hi guys. I noticed that when I edit tags directly on my DAP (which shows up as a removable drive in Win2k), Mp3tag complains when there isn't enough space on the portable (I usually have about 3-5MB free). Does this mean Mp3tag "rewrites" the entire file instead of just accessing the tag portion? I tried retagging with foobar2000 and I didn't encounter any warnings? What gives?

Mp3tag rewrites the whole file in some cases (when there is not enough space in the existing ID3v2 tag or there is no ID3v2 tag).

To be on the safe side, Mp3tag checks for size of file + 16KB free disk space before any write operation.

~ Florian

Ah I see. Good to know. Thanks Florian.

EDIT: Does Mp3tag rewrite the entire file during auto-tracknumbering as well?

As I said above, only when there is not enough space in the existing ID3v2 tag or there is no ID3v2 tag.

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~ Florian

I'm a little confused about the workspace when MP3Tag is performing actions like removing underscores or leading spaces. I'm trying to clean up some entries which have a leading space. I get the "not enough space left on this device" error. The problem is that MP3Tag resides on C:, the mp3 files are on K:, but the device with not enough space is M:. But M: has nothing to do with the process.

Why is MP3Tag complaining about M:?


Sorry, no idea.

This is just a guess, but check your virtual memory settings in Windows. Maybe M: has a paging file that is trying to grow?