MP3Tag shortens cover-file names in some cases

MP3Tag saves cover files that are obtained from a web source or extracted from a music file with a file name defined in File->Options->Tag Sources.
The definition I use is %albumartist% - %album% - Front. Together with a folder structure according to %albumartist%\ %album% it can lead to overly long filenames including paths, especially with classical music, which Windows has been able to handle for some time now. Basically, I still try to avoid paths that are too long.

I noticed the following inconsistent behavior of Mp3Tag with different storage methods.

  1. Saving a cover file via a web source with “Save cover to disc” activated works without any problems.

  2. Exporting an embedded cover using an “Export Cover to file” action works without any problems.

  3. However, extracting (via right mouse click) from the displayed cover of the web source or the tag panel or the expanded tag view creates a cover file name that is apparently automatically shortened to correspond to the traditional filename-length in Windows.

Thank you for the detailed report. Unfortunately, it's a limitation of the Windows file dialog, which automatically truncates the filename even if I provide it with the long path prefix.

In cases 1. and 2., I'm using lower-level Win32 functions which support long file paths.