Mp3tag shut down after viewing multiple songs

The path does not look strange to me.
So it really boils down to "it's something local".
If you suspect that the configuration storage has been corrupted then it may be easier to rename the file mp3tag.cfg and see if you can access the files. Otherwise, even a re-installation may re-use the old data.

Rename which file?
Again thank you for responding, I'm just not knowledgeable about these types of stuff.. So there's no option to delete any files related to mp3tag that will lead to a fresh install?

I don't think that renaming the file or reinstalling Mp3tag would help with the issue.

If you still want to give it a try, you can use a portable installation. It's an option during installation, which will install to a separate folder without affecting your existing settings.

I have a theory and would like to ask you, to please postpone any further testing until later when I upload an internal test version for you.

Hi, thanks for offering this! when would you think a test version might be available for this?

It's now :smiley: Can you try with Mp3tag v3.06c?

Thanks! unfortunately the application keeps crashing with the new build..

Hey, I was able to replicate the crash on my environment as well.

Is it possible to get debug symbols, so I can pinpoint the cause of it?
Right now I can tell it does probably have something to do with calling to RtlFreeHeap in ntdll, but I guess that's not enough.

That’s good news :slight_smile: Is it creating a dump file when crashing?

yes! Mp3tag.exe.9840.dmp (809.3 KB)

Thanks for the crash dump. It shows a corrupted heap and I, unfortunately, can't make any sense of it. If you or @Prilkop have another one, please send them along.

Here are the ones I have, the latest 4 are on the build (1.6 MB)

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Strangely enough I don't seem to be able reproduce the crash today.

From MDNL's crash dumps it seems to have something to do with a destructor called from SAudioFile::ReadData, that triggers the heap corruption, if I understand it correctly.

Yes, I also see that β€” thanks for looking into it. But there are others where it's happening when strings get deallocated. It's really mysterious.

So I guess something corrupts the heap beforehand and then it crashes there...

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Can you check again with this internal version and send any crash dumps along my way :sweat_smile:

thanks, I reproduced the bug on the new version (503.1 KB)

OK, thanks. You're probably already an expert in reproducing this: can you describe the minimal steps that you're doing to trigger this?

Lol yes

Example #1-

  1. Press right click on folder
  2. Select "Mp3tag" button in options window
  3. Press right click on first song
  4. Select "Extended Tags..." button
  5. Press "> >" button multiple times until crash might occur (usually around song 6/7/10).

Example #2-

  1. Select all songs in folder
  2. Press right click on songs
  3. Select "Mp3tag" button in options window
  4. Press right click on song in the middle of the list
  5. Select "Extended Tags..." button
  6. Press "< <" button multiple times until crash might occur (usually once getting closer to the beginning).

Please let me know if it helps, or I should get a screen recording.

This helps, thank you! Except that it doesn't crash here :slight_smile: I'll continue trying...

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