Mp3tag shut down after viewing multiple songs

Hi everyone,

As someone who uses mp3tag on a daily basics, today I encountered a problem, if anyone might know more about this I could use your help please! I'll elaborate as much as possible:

I'm not sure exactly what lead to this, but I opened a folder of music files in mp3tag (60 songs). I went through the "extended tags" view for each song because I deleted some songs & I had to fix the track number accordingly. Suddenly after going through the first 6 songs (pressing ">" button in extended tags window), instead of loading the following song, it delayed for a second and then the mp3tag shut down.

I don't remember much because I tried multiple times but I noticed that some random temporarily file appeared in my windows explorer folder of those 60 songs, with a size of 0KB. I tired closing mp3tag/windows explorer but the file didn't disappear. I thought the file was related to the issue I'm having since it never occurred to me, so I deleted it (idk if it was a mistake or not).

Now I'm assuming the problem is related to temporary file/directory. I took all the songs to a new folder in windows explorer and it worked fine, but once I renamed the folder to the same name the original had, the bug reproduces.

I understand that I can do a workaround for this issue but naming the folder with something different, however 1. I'm very organized and it needs to have the same name, I prefer. 2. It's not a critical issue, in the end those specific files in that folder can be edited but the application will shut down eventually.

If anyone understands perhaps what happened, if I can change anything, or fix it, I would greatly appreciate it!

Unfortunately, you don't tell us the name, so no-one can reproduce it.
Also I would check the file system for integrity.
And the files with the recommended tools.
Also, it is not clear what kind of files you treat.
If the error narrows down to a particular file, then a sample would be nice.

I just scanned through 324 mp3 files, one by one, using the extended tags dialogue and MP3tag did not crash.


Thank you for commenting.
Yes from my exploratory interrogation of the issue, the problem occurs to a specific folder (uploaded the folder to gdrive). I suspect the problematic files are songs number 6 & 7 where the problem first started and mostly occurs.
I verified the files for integrity, and they're okay, if you could please check the link I'd appreciate it, thanks!

I stepped through all 60 files with the extended tags dialogue's arrow buttons and all files showed their data and MP3tag did not shut down.
I had the files in the folder Empire_ The Complete Season 2.
So apparently I either cannot help you or the problem is a local one.

I think it's related to the directory/path since the files/mp3tag are working fine once I change the location of the files. In this case, is it possible to clean/fix/delete path that got perhaps corrupted related to mp3tag? since it shut down while changing data..

I don't know as I don't know what the path looks like (and why it should interfere with the file handling as the folder name itself seemed to work for the other files).

The path is- D:\My Music\Empire Cast\Empire_ The Complete Season 2

I think because the application shut down while editing the metadata of song #6/7, something got corrupted with the path, and once mp3tag recognizes that path, the problem reproduces. Since the file/s are okay and the problem is the path itself.
Perhaps uninstalling/reinstalling mp3tag will "clean" data the app uses for directories?..

The path does not look strange to me.
So it really boils down to "it's something local".
If you suspect that the configuration storage has been corrupted then it may be easier to rename the file mp3tag.cfg and see if you can access the files. Otherwise, even a re-installation may re-use the old data.

Rename which file?
Again thank you for responding, I'm just not knowledgeable about these types of stuff.. So there's no option to delete any files related to mp3tag that will lead to a fresh install?

I don't think that renaming the file or reinstalling Mp3tag would help with the issue.

If you still want to give it a try, you can use a portable installation. It's an option during installation, which will install to a separate folder without affecting your existing settings.

I have a theory and would like to ask you, to please postpone any further testing until later when I upload an internal test version for you.

Hi, thanks for offering this! when would you think a test version might be available for this?

It's now :smiley: Can you try with Mp3tag v3.06c?

Thanks! unfortunately the application keeps crashing with the new build..

Hey, I was able to replicate the crash on my environment as well.

Is it possible to get debug symbols, so I can pinpoint the cause of it?
Right now I can tell it does probably have something to do with calling to RtlFreeHeap in ntdll, but I guess that's not enough.

That’s good news :slight_smile: Is it creating a dump file when crashing?

yes! Mp3tag.exe.9840.dmp (809.3 KB)

Thanks for the crash dump. It shows a corrupted heap and I, unfortunately, can't make any sense of it. If you or @Prilkop have another one, please send them along.

Here are the ones I have, the latest 4 are on the build (1.6 MB)

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Strangely enough I don't seem to be able reproduce the crash today.

From MDNL's crash dumps it seems to have something to do with a destructor called from SAudioFile::ReadData, that triggers the heap corruption, if I understand it correctly.