Mp3tag software not detecting album art

Please download the .mp3 file to test here:
Edit: Removed URL

This tracks album art is being deteced by Foobar player software, but not by Mp3tag.

Which web source did you use that also could be used by foobar?

I downloaded the file and played it in Foobar, and also Foobar doesn't show album art.

Do you have by any chance stored the album art in a File in the directory where the file is playing ?

Check in Mp3tag if this is unchecked

Under Tools - Options - Tag

  • Don't Display first image from file directory as cover art

The file shows "BAD ID3v2" in the tag column and when looking at the tags almost every possible field is filled with some music downloads site URL.

I'd remove the tags and fill in proper ones.

Kind regards
– Florian

P.S. I've also removed the URL from above.

Good catch @Florian.

I didn't even see that :blush: , I was more focused on playing the file with Foobar and looking for the Album Art