Mp3tag strip mp4 chapters feature issue

Hi, I am having an issue with the strip mp4 chapters feature in mp3tag.
for example, if I had an m4a file with "only quicktime chapters" in it made with drax or mp4chaps, and then edit some tags, Mp3tag just changes the MP4 tag to MP4Nero and converts quicktime chapters to nero chapters and keeps both of them in the m4a file.

Next, when I use the strip mp4 chapters just to remove nero chapters and thus the MP4Nero tag, it just deletes all chapters including quicktime chapters also, but still keeps timed text stream with 0 bytes confirmed with mediainfo that performs no function at all since it is completely empty.

I am using mp3tag 3.02.
My goal is to have an m4a file with quicktime chapters only and must show MP4 tag instead of MP4Nero tag in mp3tag, doesn't matter if I edit any tag in mp3tag.