Mp3tag syntax colouring editor

Whcih editors have Mp3tag export config script syntax colouring? Thanks.

I do not know, if they all can do all the specifics, but there are some Mp3tag syntax color definition files for ... KEDIT, NPP, TP, UEDIT ...


Thanks Detlev and Well Done for producing those files. They make script editing much easier.

I chose TP_Mp3tag_syn for TextPad. You might like to know that following the TextPad 5 Help instructions to use your .syn file fails with the error:

Error accessing 'Mp3tag.syn'
C:\Program Files\TextPad 5\System\Mp3tag.syn was not found..

Here's a procedure that works on TextPad 5 (possibly not on other versions).

1 Go to, download and launch.
2 Launch HKCU.Software.Helios.TextPad 5.Document Classes.Mp3tag.reg and accept the prompts (note: this changed my Font settings and possibly others, but for .mte files only)
3 Copy Mp3tag.syn to e.g. C:\Program Files\TextPad 5\system not \Samples as instructed by TextPad Help.
4 In TextPad Configure Preferences "Document Classes" Mp3tag Syntax, checkmark Enable syntax highlighting and set Syntax definition file: to Mp3tag.syn
5 In that same dialog click Open and verify it does open (in TextPad) the .syn file
6 In Fonts, Tabulation etc. make any necessary restorations to settings that 1) changed.
7 Click OK.

Perhaps you'd like to add that to Mp3tag.syn.readme.txt .

For Text pad 6:

  1. Mp3tag.syn works
  2. The .reg file and hence my procedure do not work. (TextPad 6 no longer keeps settings in the registry.)

PPS Anyone considering updating to TextPad 7 beware - 7's rexgep format is incompatible with 6 and earlier's.