MP3Tag Title not used as MKV Titles

Using VLC to play, the Title for an MKV movies doesn't show, it shows an embedded MKV Title instead.

MP3Tag Title = "s01e03 - Something" but the VLC display seems to be a different Title that I can find in the MKV file with MKVToolNix Info

Is there a different tag for MKV files, another way to do it, or what?

Is it just the way VLC is?


Here is a thread that shows how to clear the VLC cache:

See if it works better with a cleared cache.

No difference -- the 'embedded' MKV title field is still displayed, not the MP3Tag field

see here on MKV chapters:

That title is probably the Header tag title, not the XML tag title. In my experience, an MKV or any Matroska file can have both. Depends on the media player on which title it would prefer to display. I think MPC-HC and MPC-BE favor the XML titles over the Header ones. The Header tags I believe are invented first, but limited only to a number of set tags, unlike XML which can have as many and as unofficially.

To edit Header tags, I use:

  1. MKVToolNix GUI (or its own CLI's)
  • Open MKVToolNix, click the main left tab called Header editor, you can drag and drop an MKV there. At the left pane, click Segment Information, then Title. Change the value at the right pane. But back at the left pane, there is Attachments at the lowest, where a cover or any attchment could be added and deleted. While MKVToolNix CLI exe's can be used in a Batch file to batch put/edit such header tags.

  • To directly invoke MKVToolNix GUI's Header editor main tab, I use this parameter in Mp3tag's Tools:
    --edit-headers "%_path%".

  • Anyway, there are new entries here which tackle lossless rotation in Matroska but not yet supported by players. For now an unofficial but recognized XML tag simply named as ROTATE (value can be 90, 180, 270 for example) could be put in to the video track for lossless auto-rotation during playback by the likes of MPC-HC, MPC-BE, and PotPlayer.

  1. JMkpropedit, which needs MKVToolNix's CLI exe's, since it's just a GUI for it. JMkpropedit can handle multiple files too.

To edit XML tags, I use:

  1. Mp3tag as main tagger, and most importantly as recursive batch tagger.

  2. chapterEditor as secondary, but more complex. For example, tag an MKV file with Mp3tag with as many tags as you could, then save, then open that same MKV file into chapterEditor to see the difference. As a user of Mp3tag, I think this should be the appearance, pattern, or arrangement of an external XML tag file that we should follow to prevent unwanted or conflicting display of XML tags.

In my personal practice, I just put the same value to both the Header and XML titles. Then when viewed with MediaInfo using its HTML View, the titles are separated with a slash. Quite far back in time, I used to create external XML files then put them inside using MVKToolNix.

I use MKVToolNix editor and info to peek inside

Since it was called "Title" I thought that MP3Tag was supposed to update it -- seemed logical to me anyway

However, I did find that since my ffmpeg batch file (used to remove non-English, non-forced subtitles, non-English audio tracks, and chapters from MKV files) has the -dn parameter that also removes the Segment-Title entry.

VLC then plays and displays the MP3Tag Title field.

Only problem is the time required to re-generate the file

You can use MKVToolNix's very own CLI exe's to batch remove the Header tags (like the Header's Title counterpart) fast and easily without remuxing.

For example, if I have a few MKV's inside a particular folder, I use something like below. This should remove the header title, by simply putting no value after the equal sign.

for %Z in ("*.mkv") do mkvpropedit.exe "%Z" --edit info --set title=

I highly recommend using MKVToolNix's CLI exe's instead of FFmpeg's because in my experience, FFmpeg removes or rearranges existing tags, or adds some unnecessary tags like stats and duration. I use FFmpeg to remux media files in the beginning, like after I have downloaded YouTube videos. Then I use MKVToolNix for final remuxing.

For example, I have finished tagging an MKV file with Mp3tag and the other apps, but after I remuxed it with FFmpeg, the tags displayed in MediaInfo is different from what I originally intended. Even by extracting the tags to an external XML file, it is different.

Also if I may add, for anybody. I recommend remuxing those downloaded MP4's and WebM's from YouTube using FFmpeg first to the same format, then tag those instead by Mp3tag and other taggers.

Thanks for the tip -- I looked into mkvpropedit.exe's CLI options. Seems like it would work just to delete/change Headers.

My current batch file removes subtitles, non-English audio tracks, chapters, and some data elements, but it does re-mux. I didn't see those as features of mkvpropedit.

I think I'll implement your suggestion into a new batch for when I only need to strip the Titles (and maybe some others). It would be faster

Actually, I don't think my ffmpeg batch file reencodes, it just rewrites the necessary streams (right term)?

UPDATE: Indeed, your FFmpeg batch probably does not re-encode. But I still highly recommend MKVToolNix to strip Matroska titles and other Header tags especially since the program was updated maybe last one or two months or so ago, to support emojis and smilies. Not sure if FFmpeg could preserve such unique characters.