MP3TAG to organize my collection


Hello everyone.

First, let me start by saying that I used to use MP3TAG a long time ago. I switched to ID3TagIt because it offered an easy way to organize my MP3s by a specific function. However I have recently switched to Mac. I run Parallels which is a virtual machine for Windows within OS X. ID3TagIt was and still is a poorly written program, and for some reason would not run in Parallels.

So imagine my excitement when I found out my old standby program, MP3TAG, ran just fine!

I have also delved into MP3TAG to help achieve the ultimate goal of organizing my MP3 collection. The one thing I can't find, however, is a script/string to pull out the first letter of the artist. For example, if I had the song 2266 Cambridge by Cut Chemist off of the album The Audience's Listening, I'd want my final directory structure to look like this:

/C/Cut Chemist/The Audience's Listening/09-cut_chemist-2266_cambridge.mp3

I have seen how to script/string from the Cut Chemist directory through the filename. I can't quite figure out, however, the trick to get the first letter of the artist name.

Can anyone shed some light?


Whats about $left(%artist%,1)?



Works perfectly. Thanks!