Mp3tag unexpected stop.

I'm trying to experience the advantages of Mp3Tag. But I stumble over one issue.
I have selected a file for Mp3Tag to read the music, and for the third time it stops at the 65.536's file of 65.598. I’ve rebooted my PC on both occasions and waited several hours to see whether it would go on. But it does not and I can't find why.
Can you give me a clue where to look for or what to do?
Thanks in advance

You could have a look at the task manager and watch the amount of RAm that gets gobbled away.
If MP3tag (as a 32bit application) reaches the odd 3.5 GB of address space then that is it. More cannot be addressed by a 32bit application, regardless of jow much RAm or disc space is left.

So, try to load smaller chunks of your collection into MP3tag.