Mp3tag V.2.34 released


I've just released Mp3tag V.2.34 which features support for embedded cover art and import of tag information via Amazon.

You can download it from

The huge changelog is here

Please also have a look at the What's new? / Was ist neu? help topic.

Thanks to all who tested the Development Builds and gave feedback on the forums!

Best regards,
~ Florian


After most of my mirrors are offline due to heavy load on the servers I've decided to offer a secondary download option through BitTorrent.

Try this option, as a means for evaluating ways to distribute the package in the future.

If you need a decent BitTorrent client I suggest µTorrent.

Thanks to all who will seed the torrent.

Best regards,
~ Florian

Edit: I've removed the .torrent links, because only ~850 people used the torrent option (compared to more than 75.000 downloads via HTTP).