mp3tag v2.37a


I hv just download v2.37a. I am facing a problem now as I cant use it with the software Mega mp3 splitter anymore. Somehow, all the titles I used to save them using Chinese characters cannot be read by the splitter. It shows only questions marks (????).mp3 instead of the title name. If I changed the titles to english characters, I dont face any problem with the splitter.

Would appreciate if anyone can help me solved this problem.

Thanks In Advance,


thanks for the link. I hv read it and hv follow its instruction before I post here, sad to say, it did not solve the problem I am facing.


When you say "title" you mean the filename??

Is this true:
If you make a chinese filename with windows explorer the program reads it and if you make a chinese filename with Mp3tag it doesn't?

nope, both ways, it cant read by the software mega mp3 splitter. It was working well until I did a virus scan and deleted some files and tats it, mega mp3 splitter can never reads the song tilte in chinese ever again :frowning:

It seems the program cannot open unicode filenames.

If you have a chinese filename, you can try this in Mp3tag:
Select the file(s), press Alt+1 and enter $ansi(%_filename%) press OK.
I don't know if this helps/changes anything.

thanks. I hv tried and at the preview, it shows :

"C:\Documents and Settings\EN\My Documents\My Music\Edited Mp306\Tank\非你莫属.mp3" ->
"C:\Documents and Settings\EN\My Documents\My Music\Edited Mp306\Tank????.mp3"

somehow, the song name is still ????.mp3.

What's the system language of your OS?
Did you change it?

nope, didnt changed the system language setting. It is set to english (united state) from day 1

Oh, well if the language is english then $ansi() cannot work for chinese words.
I see no possibility now to make the program accept these filenames and I also wonder a bit why it worked in the first place.

hmmmm ... well, it was working fine before. weird rite?

so to say, there is no way I can get the splitter software working with mp3 tag again?

Thanks for your advice.