Mp3tag v2.37h Freezes on Startup

I want to start off by saying that

a) I love Mp3tag and
b) I love the users at these forums for the informative and speedy replies.

Anyway, I've been running Mp3tag on my Windows Vista Ultimate machine for awhile with absolutely no problems. I recently installed Foobar in order to achieve a more streamlined music experience, and nothing went wrong for a little while. However, one day I fired up Mp3tag and my computer came to an absolute standstill, even before the splash screen came up. It does this every time I open the application, and, frankly, it just gets a little annoying after awhile.

Also, while I can't reproduce this with the same certainty as above, I do get a BSOD many times after Mp3tag has been opened for a short while. I don't know if it's even related to Mp3tag, but it could be helpful.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

It sounds to me like you have some bad hardware or some faulty drivers installed. An application cannot cause a BSOD - only drivers can. Make sure your RAM and your HDD are in order. Did you overclock your CPU maybe?

Alright, I'll do some chkdsk's and memory tests. I try to run a stable system over an OC'd one, so that can't be the problem unfortunately. The thing that worries me is that this a brand new computer with tons of brand new components and I have absolutely no money as a result of purchasing it.


If it happens again, tell me what the STOP message is and what driver is affected (usually has a .sys extension). In that way, I might be able to tell you what is wrong (video card, audio card...).