Mp3tag v2.41b Development Build released!

I've just released Mp3tag v2.41b Development Build!

It's still Beta but brings some nice improvements like support for padding for Ogg Vorbis or the ability to edit description and cover type for cover art. It would be great if you find time to test this build and report issues in the Bug Reports forum.

You can download it from

(where you can also study the changelog)

Kind regards,

What a wonderful software !
I truly love your software !
I use this on a daily basis .. as i am a Music Enthusiast and share many of my MP3 Files ..

Before i upload my MP3 Files to share .. i always edit the info using MP3Tag ..
i used to do it manually and it would take me forever ..
i have even tried other Software but they all suck tremendously !

This is why i had to take time out to Create an Account here..
because i had to let you know how much i appreciate your work ..

- Extremely User Friendly

  • Compatible with all Audio Formats
  • Fantastic GUI / Very Pleasing To Look At
  • So Versatile / You Can Even Add Album Art To Each MP3 !!
  • Robust
  • Super Stable
  • Absolutely FREE !!!

- Absolutely, Positively, NONE !!

If anyone has any questions on how to use this wonderful software .. i'll be more than happy to help !
Send me an email to

Peace !


  • By the way.. i am currently using Version 2.41b (The Latest Beta Build) with no problems ...