Mp3tag v2.41c Development Build released!

I've just released Mp3tag v2.41c Development Build!

It's a Beta version and has some important internal changes. The most important for all users with excessive use of cover art are major improvements regarding memory consumption.

Other highlights are support for iTunes-specific TV/video tags, support for drag'n'drop of cover art from Mp3tag, and the possibility to navigate back during tagging from web sources.

It would be great if you find time to test this build and report issues in the Bug Reports forum. Mp3tag v2.42 is scheduled for late October.

You can download it from

(where you can also study the changelog)

Kind regards,

Thank You !
Working Perfectly !


  • During uninstall.. MP3Tag will ask if you want to delete settings.. select 'NO" so when you upgrade to Version 2.41c .. your settings will remain :slight_smile:

You can simply install over an existing installation.

a lot of thanks, Florian. your app is very helpful to me.

but there is one more uncomfortable thing in new builds with unsynclyric: when i edit this part of tags, i often press Enter and then window closes. i know that i can use Ctrl+Enter, but its uncomfortable, cause i permanently forget about it.

could you add an option to choose between Enter and Ctrl+Enter for new line when editing any of tag?

and one more time big thanks for your great app!

Your Beta 2.41c works great. The one thing that the program is still missing is a field for Disc. You have a track field now where you can name the current track and the total tracks (1/10) etc.; is the next build 2_42 going to include a field for Disc (1/2) etc.?

It's already available as field DISCNUMBER at the extended tag dialog [Alt+T] and you can also add it to the Tag Panel via Options > Tag Panel.