Mp3tag v2.44 download problems

The link says v.2.43 instead of 2.44 and it dosn't work. Best Regards

You either have the old version of the site still in your browser's cache or use a proxy which hasn't updated the site yet.

Running the downloaded file gives the error message:

"Installer integrity check has failed. Common causes include incomplete download and damaged media. Contact the installer's author to obtain a new copy."

The download looks complete (2.04MB), so what's the problem?

Please try again. The file should be 2147428 bytes in size with an MD5 sum of 2885dee173b519e0e8d6c63eadc35a2c

What program are you using to download Mp3tag?

Aha, my download is 2,147,083 bytes. I'm using Firefox 3.5.2.

That's odd ... can you please send me that file?


Edit: apart from the delivery failure notification. I'll try again.

Which didn't work:

"Gmail doesn't allow you to send or receive executable files (such as files ending in .exe) that could contain damaging executable code.

Gmail won't accept these types of files even if they are sent in a zipped (.zip, .tar, .tgz, .taz, .z, .gz) format. If this type of message is sent to your Gmail address, it is bounced back to the sender automatically. "

Edit: sent, with file extension changed from .exe to .txt

This way it's embedded as text in the email.

If at first, second and third you don't succeed, try again!

I've .zipped the .txt. Hopefully this WILL work!

This time I received the file, thanks. It's indeed an incomplete download (no virus infection or something else) so trying a different browser or cleaning the cache should work.

I tried using IE7 and got the same incomplete download. Cleaned cache, still doesn't solve the problem.

Is anyone else having the same problem?

Edit: Just tried using Chrome, and it worked. Strange.

I had problems downloading as well. Right clicking and selecting "Save as" worked, but just clicking the link would fail about half way through the download. Win7 and FF 3.5.2

download doesnt start at all with firefox and ie8 on win7

I'm on Windows 7 too and it works fine. Are you getting redirected to the downloads page? If so, please make sure that you're passing the correct HTTP referrers.