Mp3tag v2.45 released

I've just released Mp3tag v2.45!

Highlights of the new version include:

Improved Filter
The filter now supports filter expressions where it is possible to combine filter criteria and use format strings for filtering. The filter now also comes with a history, providing easy access to your often-used filter expressions.

User-defined field mappings
Mp3tag now supports user-defined mappings for field names. This is particularly useful in case you need to make field names consistent across different types of tags (e.g., BAND in ID3v2 and ALBUM ARTIST in FLAC). The feature is available via 'Options > Tags > Mapping' where you can create mappings for a specific tag type (APEv2, ID3v2, MP4, VorbisComment or WMA), provide a Source name (Mp3tag's internal name) and a target name (your preferred field name).

Multiline fields for Tag Panel
Are you adding lyrics, artist biographies or other text-intensive information to your songs? If so, you can now add multiline custom fields to the Tag Panel via 'Options > Tag Panel'.

Digitally signed installer
Starting with this release, the Mp3tag installer and the program itself are digitally signed. By using code signing you can be sure that the program has not been altered or corrupted on its way from the developer to your computer. If you're are interested in code signing, see Code Signing on Windows on my blog.

As usual, there is more to discover in the Changelog.

You can download the new version from

Thanks to all who tested the Development Builds and gave feedback on the forums!

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Kind regards,