Mp3tag v2.47 released

I've just released Mp3tag v2.47!

Changes of the new version include:

Actions menu
The actions feature which was well hidden under the converter menu now has a dedicated top-level menu where all action groups are accessible via menu items.

Tag fields renamed
With this release some of the tag fields that are used for format strings, actions, columns, exports, and filters are renamed to have more accessible and intuitive names. This also means that all parts of Mp3tag where you have used the old names have to be updated. We know that this is an invasive change but think that it was a step necessary to keep it everything maintainable and understandable for new users of the program. Please see Tag fields in Mp3tag for an updated list.

Amazon has limited access to their web service to 2000 requests per hour. That means that you might get an occassional error 503 when using the Amazon tag source. However, the limit is reset each hour so you can try again later if it is not working for you.

As usual, there is more to discover in the Changelog.

You can download the new version from

Thanks to all who tested the Development Builds and gave feedback on the forums!

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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I just updated and looked at the list of fields, but only ALBUMSORTORDER changes to ALBUMSORT, the other mentioned fields stayed as ARTISTSORTORDER, BAND, BANDSORTORDER, ITUNES..., TITLESORTORDER, ....

I've just updated to 2.47 too and am also having problems with some of the renamed fields. I'm trying to setup an action to format a value for TITLE. However, the Format Value dialog lists TITLESORTORDER (old name) and TILETITLE (whatever that is) but not TITLE. I also noticed SETSUBTITLESUBTITLE a little earlier in the list. :frowning:

I'm working on this right now. Thanks for pointing.

You've probably used v2.46d at some point which was really in beta stage. It messed with the list of fields in a way which is unfortunately not automatically fixable by Mp3tag's upgrading mechanism.

I've just released v2.47a which addresses the missing update of the field names list some users were experiencing.

Thanks again for pointing!

Kind regards

Now there is the right stuff about the SORT Things, but I noticed that there is still no TITLE Tag anymore in the dropdown list. Files with the TITLE Tag are shown as TITLE, but when I want to add a title, its not on that list. There is only TITLESORT. (Don't know if it was since 2.47 or 2.47a)
I updated from 2.46a to 2.47 to 2.47a.

EDIT: It's at the end of TAGGINGTIME, now its know as TAGGINGTIMETITLE.
And there is something wrong with SETSUBTITLESUBTITLE :wink: which was mentioned before. Maybe there is more wrong, don't know...

I was wondering. Media Monkey software has developed software to avoid the 503 error code. Their software use to generate the same code, but it no longer does. Will MP3 implement similar code to eliminate the 503 error?

Thanks in advance.

I simply fixed the problem by reinstalling everything, but this shouldn't be the only solution... :wink:


BAND should be back to its original use and just name it BAND.

This tag should write it to TXXX:ALBUM ARTIST for foobar2000.

although it's a customize column, I think its really more suitable for present this tag.

Florian, what's the best procedure to fix "TAGGINGTIMETITLE" and bring back "TITLE"?

Is there any way to avoid deleting mp3tag.cfg?

Hey Florian,

Am I crazy or the 2.46x installer offered an option to a portable installation (which I am using, to sync among several PCs tehehehe), that is gone in 2.47a?

There was no portable option in the installer.

But you can create portable versions:

It will be soon. Stay tuned and don't delete your configuration :slight_smile:

Thanks! I'll sit tight :slight_smile:

Ohhh thanks a lot dano, I must have forgotten of when I read that topic linked.... :rolleyes:

Please see Mp3tag v2.47b released.