Mp3tag v2.53 released

I've just released Mp3tag v2.53!

With this version Mp3tag now uses a different method for drag & drop of cover art, which does not require re-encoding the cover image. Instead, the original image is used whenever possible. In addition, support for drag & drop of cover art from Google Chrome has been added.

Furthermore, the release year (ID3v2.3 frame TYER, displayed as YEAR) and release date (ID3v2.3 frame TDAT, displayed as DATE) are now combined in YEAR and displayed as YYYY-MM-DD. This improves compatibility with other applications (e.g., foobar2000) and provides a consistent view with all revisions of the ID3v2 specification.

For a full list of changes please see the History of Changes.

You can download the new version from

Enjoy and be well :slight_smile:


Hi Florian

I just got snookered with this change.
The Year field will no longer accept less than 4 characters !!!
I can't enter years such as 62, 56, 75, etc.
I used to enter 2 character years, then run an Action script to prefix them with the 19 (or 20 as needed).
This saved a lot of keying when adding years to songs in a list.
Is there any way I can revert back to the alphanumeric year without going back a change level,
or is there some kind of workaround that you can tell me?

Brian Waldron

Well ... if you create a custom field like e.g. my_year (which can be in any format) for input and then run that script of yours which added the 19 or 20 then ...
you could append that script with two actions:
one of the type "Format tag field" for YEAR with the contents of %my_year%.
And then an action to remove the custom field ...

you would be back to the old way.

Ah yes, got it.

How does that exactly work now? Is YEAR written to both fields or is just TYER always used?

From YYYY-MM-DD that you put in the Year field YYYY is written to TYER and MM-DD is written to TDAT


So sorry for disturbance, but it's seem since MP3tag 2.53, it doesn't support the format YYYY.MM.DD for the YEAR value anymore. When I input a value like 2012.09.30 at YEAR, it will become [blank] when I save the info. Any idea or help?

I really want to continue use the format YYYY.MM.DD. It' a familiar and popular year format, and I used this format in everything, from important documents to music tags that made by MP3tag (since the first day I know about this useful program.)

I think it's no problem if the program still 'understand' this format (and how the real value be written TYER or TDAT, it's totally depended on you; I won't dispute anything about this :wink: I'm sure!)

Please help. Thanks!

P/S: If nothing can be changed (by a lot of reasons), then I must re-tag a lot of files from my collection again (and believe me, it's a so hard-working to make any file be 'neat' and 'informative'). If that happen, I think nothing better than coming back to the old version 2.52, this version still good for me at this time!

Should I say ...
"Oh the times, oh the customs!" ... or ... "Other countries, other customs!"

For international world wide usage, the formatting rules for date time values are defined by the norm ISO 8601.
There are countries, like Germany, where the ISO standard has been incorporated into the DIN standard since 1988, since 2006 as DIN ISO 8601, replacing elder DIN standards DIN 1355 and DIN 1355-1.
But many people there do not want to take note of this fact, and they stick to their national sentiment.

It is good work that Mp3tag follows the ID3 recommendations and the ISO standard.