Mp3tag v2.68 released

I've just released Mp3tag v2.68

Discogs Image Caching — Reloaded
Discogs made a breaking API change on 2015-02-20 so that we had to update our Discogs image caching server and the way Mp3tag signs the image requests. Everything is back to normal now and you can get the images through our dedicated caching server (which has the nice side-effect of reducing load from the official Discogs servers).

This version also fixes some minor issues that have been reported over the last couple of weeks. For a full list of changes please see the History of Changes.

You can download the new version from

For those of you who took part in testing v2.67a — a huge Thank you!

Enjoy and be well!


This new version fails to run on my box. I'm still running WinXP-Pro 32-bit SP2 (i.e. Windows NT 5.1.2600)


I was forced to go back to 2.66

In my test environment I'm using Windows XP SP3 which gives no problems also with Mp3tag v2.68. Can you update to Windows XP SP3?

Kind regards

Using version 2.68 but still no cover art at all. Option is not showing up at all. Any suggestions? :w00t:

edit: typo

Yes, still no cover and bug on DISCOGS_FORMAT

Unfortunately, no. I'm sticking with XP-SP2 until it is pryed from my cold, dead fingers.
Don't ask me why cause I don't know!

Had the same thing happen with a recent update of Filezilla - when it went down it went down hard and repeatedly blue-screened my XP-SP2 box. Older version (, works just fine.

I've built a cool new free and open source mini-app (a song player for an RC transmitter written in LUA), that incorporates mp3tag as a major link in the tool chain. Looks like I'll need to let my users know that XP-SP3 is the minimum supported version. (Which is great BTW - Thank you for continuing to support Good-'ol WinXP-pro. I guess the time to upgrade (to SP3) is at hand...)

Cheers, (and thanks for the great software!)
Jeff Roberson

Have you old versions archive?